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"Welcome to our Bullmastiff Site "
Our whole family is involved in raising high quality Bullmastiffs at our home in the heart of the scenic Show Me State called Missouri! These dogs are our whole life, we are totally wrapped up in them! They have captured our hearts, and we chose to leave them in their paws. We got our first Bullmastiff 20 years ago, so we are very experienced breeders, and consistently strive to stay true to the breed standards, as this is extremely important to us! 
 "All of our dogs have Champion Bloodlines."  
We would like to give everyone else a chance to own one of these unique, and extraordinary dogs, so this is why our Family, is dedicated to providing beautiful, healthy, and well loved Bullmastiff puppies for loving, responsible homes. Our Bullmastiff puppies, and dogs have to be in super healthy condition at all times, or we are not happy  parents, and we take great pride on always doing our part in keeping it that way as long as they are in our home. We work closely with our local Veterinarians, and frequently attend Canine Educational Seminars to always ensure the optimum health of our dogs, and puppies at all times. Whenever we have a litter of precious babies it is quite an exciting time for the whole family! If you choose one of these Adorable Bullmastiff babies for your very own, you will find your lives greatly enriched forever thereafter! Thanks for looking at our website, and feel free to contact us anytime by email, greenforests29@yahoo.com or 
PH# 573-789-0034. 
 Sincerely, The Zimmerman Family

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